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1. well near Manatali
2. laundry area
3. well
4. dam on stream

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Well Laundromat Well Small Dam
1. and 2. Both the well and the laundry area need soak pits. Soak pits allow runoff water to drain into the ground instead of forming puddles, which breed mosquitoes that cause malaria.

3. This large, deep well needs a pump. It also needs a cap to prevent animals and junk from falling into the water and polluting it. Villagers need to use deep wells in the dry season, because the shallow wells go dry.

4. The small dam was built to provide water for grazing animals and for irrigation. It was undermined during the rainy season and needs to be repaired.
1. Repairing a well pump.
2. Making a large soak pit.

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